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Why Blue Chip Stocks Are Popular with Conservative Investors

Blue Chip Stocks

Blue-chip stocks are shares of high-quality, well-respected companies that are leaders and innovators in their industries. These companies have stood up to the test of times and are respected by both their shareholders and their customers. Blue chip businesses have solid business models, and have impressive track records of returning investors. These returns often include steady and […]

Investing Large-Capitalization Shares

Large Cap Stocks

If you are like most investors, you may already be a shareholder in large-cap firms. These stocks are owned by firms with large market capitalizations. They indicate their high market worth. The stocks with large capitalizations are more valuable than those of small-cap or medium-cap equities. This is why they are called Large Cap Stocks. What is […]

March 2023: Top Small-Cap Stocks

Small Cap Stocks

Target Hospitality Corp., and e.l.f. were the best-performing small-capitalization stocks of this month. Beauty Inc. and Hudson Technologies Inc. all more than doubled their prices in the past 12 month as the Russell 2000 Index, small-cap, dropped 4% and Russell 1000 Index, lost 7%. In 2023 investors have invested $4.2 Billion in ETFs and mutual […]

Dividend stocks

Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks can be defined as stocks owned by companies that regularly distribute cash to their shareholders. Although dividend stocks can provide income, they can also be a valuable way to build wealth over the long-term. Investors are often not aware of the benefits of dividend stocks and don’t know where they should start. This is […]

3 Undervalued Value Stocks to Watch Right Now

Value Stocks

  The current market offers value investors a chance to make money, with the S&P 500 index falling by about 15% as of August 2022. Even high-quality companies that have strong fundamentals will see their share prices drop when the stock market overall drops. Value stock companies are more stable than growth stock companies and […]

Investing In Growth Stocks

Growth Stocks

Investing in growth stocks can help you create wealth that will change your life. It is important to know which growth stocks to buy and when. In the first six months 2022, many growth stock routes were taken. The S&P 500 fell approximately 20%, while the S&P 500 growth was down 28% in the first six months […]