10 Classic Business Lessons to Make Money | Part 2

10 Classic Business Lessons to Make Money | Part 2

Business Lesson to Remember #5

In a daring bank robbery, a masked robber shouted, “Everyone stay still! Remember, money belongs to the state, but lives belong to you all.” All the people in the bank remained silent and lay down on the floor—this is a classic example of psychology at play, challenging traditional thinking.

In the tense atmosphere, an interesting situation unfolded. A female bank employee, lying on the table in a provocative pose, caught the attention of one of the robbers. He rushed in, saying, “Please maintain decorum! We are robbers, not rapists.” His professionalism stood out, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the task at hand.

As the situation escalated, a young robber, fresh out of high school, approached the seasoned robber. “Boss,” he asked, “shouldn’t we count how much we’ve stolen?” The seasoned robber gruffly replied, “Why bother counting? Wait until tonight; the news will tell us how much we stole.” This practical approach demonstrates the value of experience over just paperwork.

After the robbers left, the branch manager immediately called the police. However, the chief accountant quickly approached and whispered, “Hold on, let’s embezzle 5 million. We’ll report that this amount was stolen.” This flexible move turned adversity into an opportunity, proving the power of swimming against the current.

The next day, the news reported that 100 million had been stolen from the bank, but upon recounting, the robbers only found 20 million. They were furious: “We risked our lives for only 20 million, while those guys just sat there and stole 80 million.” Indeed, academic qualifications might get you a seat at the table, but street smarts truly make the difference. This explains why knowledge is as valuable as gold.

The general lesson from this story is that in life, there are things we can quickly perceive, things are not always as they seem at first, and the truth is always relative. Most importantly, it’s our attitude that matters.

Business Lesson #6:

The Excellent Salesman

In a bustling grocery store, a young man named John just finished his first day working in the sales department.

As the closing bell chimed, the store owner, a distinguished gentleman with silver hair and a beard, approached John’s counter with a curious expression.

“John, my boy,” the store owner inquired, “How many people did you sell to today?”

With a radiant smile, John replied, “Just one, sir.”

“Just one?!” The owner exclaimed, taken aback. “Most of my employees sell to at least 20 or 30 people each day! How much money did you make?”

“Well, about $100,000, sir,” John answered.

“$100,000?!” The owner was astonished. “How could you sell so much to just one person?”

John began recounting the remarkable story:

“When the man walked into the store, I noticed he was looking for a fishing lure. After introducing him to several different types of lures, I suggested he also buy some fishing line to match each type of lure. Upon learning that he planned to fish by the seaside, I recommended he purchase a modern motorboat with two engines for easy navigation on the sea. After buying the boat, he was concerned that his current car wouldn’t be large enough to transport it. So, I took him to the car dealership and introduced him to a powerful truck to meet his needs.”

The store owner, with an impressed look, nodded approvingly. “Fantastic! You persuaded him to buy all of that, from a small fishing lure to a big truck! You truly are an excellent salesman!”

John smiled but shook his head. “Not exactly, sir. Initially, he just wanted to buy sanitary pads for his wife. But I told him that if he only bought sanitary pads, his weekend would be incredibly dull. So, he decided to buy all those things to have an enjoyable fishing trip.”

John’s story brought a hearty laugh from the store owner. He realized that John wasn’t just a talented salesperson but also someone who understood customers’ needs and created unique shopping experiences.

From then on, John became one of the top salesmen in the store, always inspiring his colleagues with creativity, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication.

John’s story is a testament to the power of salesmanship, an artful and fascinating craft where sellers not only introduce products but also create value and joy for customers.

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