10 Classic Business Lessons to Make Money | Part 3: The “Glass Hammer” Sales Strategy

10 Classic Business Lessons to Make Money | Part 3 | Boost Sales with the "Glass Hammer" Technique

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to tell you an exciting business story about a talented salesman named John. John works for a company specializing in selling construction glass products. He is known for consistently surpassing the sales of others in the company.

The Unique Strategy.


One day, John’s boss called him into the office and asked him to share his sales secret with colleagues to collectively increase overall sales. John agreed and happily shared his unique strategy.

John’s strategy was simple. When going to sell, he always carried a sample glass and a hammer. While introducing the product, he would simultaneously speak and use the hammer to strike the glass, demonstrating its incredible durability. Even when John shattered the glass, it didn’t break into pieces but maintained its integrity, ensuring safety for users. Thanks to this impressive demonstration, customers completely trusted the product’s quality and agreed to make a purchase.

The Upgrade.

After John shared his strategy, all the sales staff in the company applied the “glass hammer” method, and their sales increased significantly. However, what was strange was that John’s individual sales continued to be higher than others.

At this point, John’s boss called him into the office again, somewhat irritated: “John, have you been hiding something from everyone? Why are your sales still higher than others?” John calmly replied that he had shared all his secrets. However, after sharing, he continuously improved his sales methods.

John’s “upgrade” strategy was instead of personally wielding the hammer to break the glass, he handed the hammer to the customer and encouraged them to break it themselves. When customers personally shattered the glass, they could directly feel the product’s durability and were more impressed, thus trusting and purchasing it.

Business Lesson.

John’s story shows us the importance of being astute in business. When you share your successful secrets with others, you need to continue innovating and being creative to maintain a competitive advantage. If you only stop at what you already have, you will soon fall behind and lose your leading position.

Always remember:

– Innovation is the key to success: Never rest on your laurels. Always seek new ways to improve your products, services, and sales methods.

– Dare to be different: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new and unique ideas. Make a difference compared to your competitors to attract customers.

– Positive attitude: Always maintain a positive attitude and keep learning. Turn challenges into opportunities for personal and business development.

Wishing you all success!

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