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Crypto Stocks
Crypto Stocks
Crypto Stocks

The crypto sector has seen a variety of companies emerge as cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity. These companies could be involved with cryptocurrency mining, digital currency trading and payments, as well as developing blockchain technology and linking it into existing industries or businesses. Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN) is a cryptocurrency exchange and provider. Hut 8 Mining Corp. and Coinbase Global Inc. are some of the most prominent crypto stocks. This list may also include some traditional crypto-related companies.

While the cryptocurrency space is relatively new in its entirety, a crypto exchange-traded funds such as the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF BLOK (BLOK) can serve as a good benchmark. The BLOK has slightly outperformed other markets in crypto stocks over the last year. BLOK’s trailing 1-year total return was -20.3%. This is less than the Russell 1000 return of -17.2%. These market performance numbers and all statistics shown in the table below were as of Sept. 30, 2022.

These are the top crypto stocks with the highest performance, fastest growth and greatest value.

Best Value Crypto Stocks

These crypto stocks have the lowest 12-month-tiling (TTM), price-to sales (P/S), ratio. This ratio can be used as a rough indicator of a company’s worth for those in early stages of their development or those industries experiencing major shocks. If a business has higher sales, it will eventually make more profit. The P/S Ratio shows how much stock you are paying for every dollar of revenue.

Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc.Greenidge Generation Holdings manages cryptocurrency datacenters and power generation businesses, as well as mining facilities. Greenidge issued on Sept. 12 an update regarding operations for August 2022. The company produced 301 bitcoins. This brings its year-to date (YTD) total up to 1,771.
CleanSpark Inc.CleanSpark specializes in energy and bitcoin mining. The company is a bitcoin mining and renewable energy development company. CleanSpark announced on Sept. 9 that it would purchase a fully-functional Bitcoin mining plant in Sandersville, Georgia from Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. for $33million. CleanSpark expects the transaction will improve its mining process by increasing its hashrate. CleanSpark will also purchase from Mawson 6,468 ASICs of the most recent generation of crypto mining devices, which are called ASICs. The transaction is estimated to cost approximately $9.5million.
Block Inc.Block offers managed payments, financial services products and hardware. Its Cash App platform makes it possible to deposit and withdraw bitcoin as well as make peer-to-peer payment. Cash app does NOT support any other cryptocurrency.

Stocks of Crypto Currency that are fastest growing

These are the crypto stocks showing the highest year-over–year (YOY), sales growth for their most recent quarter. Investors may be able to identify profitable startups that are growing by increasing their sales. Accounting factors may have an impact on earnings per shares, and this can make it difficult to gauge the overall strength of a business. But sales growth can also reflect the strength of a business. If a company doesn’t have a plan to become profitable, it can lead to sales growth that is misleading.

Iris Energy Ltd.Iris Energy Ltd., an Australia-based Bitcoin mining company. It operates and owns proprietary bitcoin mining data centres that are powered with renewable energy.
CleanSpark Inc. Company description.
Core Scientific Inc.Core Scientific provides a service for cryptocurrency mining and data center providers. It owns data centers in Georgia. Kentucky. North Carolina. North Dakota. Texas. On August 22, the company released an update and correction of its Aug. 11 Q22022 earnings report. Net losses increased to $810.5million, from $3.4million in the previous quarter. This is due to a $790.8million impairment in goodwill and digital assets. Revenue more than doubled in the past year (YOY), mainly due to increased revenue from digital asset mining and hosting.

Crypto Stocks With the Best Performance

These are the crypto stocks which had the smallest decreases in total return during the past 12 month out of all the companies we reviewed.

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. – Marathon Digital Holdings, a company that develops digital assets and is involved in the mining of cryptocurrency. Its primary focus lies on the blockchain ecosystem and creating digital assets. Marathon reported its Q2 2022 earnings results August 8. As revenue fell, the net loss of Marathon grew dramatically to $191.6million. Factors such as the fall in bitcoin price, maintenance, and weather issues had an impact on results.

Coinbase Global Inc.Coinbase Global Inc. is a financial tech company. It is a place where you can transact crypto assets for both retail and institutional customers. It also offers market data and services, as well as financial infrastructure products.
HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.:HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd., a Canada-based cryptocurrency mining business, focuses on connecting the blockchain sector and traditional capital markets. It mines digital currencies, such as bitcoin, at its data centres in Canada, Sweden and Iceland. HIVE reported an August 2022 record monthly production of 290.4 Bitcoin. It also produced more ethereum than 3000 (ETH).

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