UPS stock price forecast – United Parcel Service, Inc – Updated March 9, 2023

UPS stock price forecast - United Parcel Service, Inc -
UPS stock price forecast - United Parcel Service, Inc -
UPS stock price forecast – United Parcel Service, Inc –

UPS stock price today trades at $186.5 per share. The long-term trend is still downtrend. However, the medium-term trend on the weekly chart is a retracement wave, the price has recovered from the $155 price range to the present and is sideways on the daily chart. It is possible that the price will continue to rise to the nearest resistance at $195 and then briefly fall to the $160 area. The far target could be $125. Since the long-term downtrend has not been broken, we advise you not to buy at this price zone yet. Traders can open a short position at the current price or wait for the price to retest $195. Stop loss if price closes above the upper trendline. Take profit at the support levels at $160 and $125.

As a stock market expert, I am frequently consulted about different companies and their growth prospects. Today, I would like to provide my insight on UPS stock.

UPS is a global logistics company specializing in package delivery and supply chain management. They’re easily recognized for their signature brown trucks and uniforms, as well as their dedication to providing reliable, efficient services.

UPS stands out due to their global network of distribution centers and transportation infrastructure, with operations in over 220 countries and territories. This allows them to deliver packages virtually anywhere on Earth. Furthermore, their network allows customers a choice of delivery options including same-day, overnight, and international shipping – giving them peace of mind when choosing which route best suits their needs.

UPS not only delivers goods, but they offer supply chain solutions to businesses of all sizes. This includes inventory management, customs clearance and trade compliance. UPS helps companies streamline operations to improve efficiency which in turn leads to cost savings and increased profitability.

UPS stands out due to their commitment to sustainability. They have set ambitious objectives to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of alternative fuels in their transportation fleet, including a goal of having 40% of ground fuel coming from sustainable sources by 2025.

Overall, UPS has a commanding position in the logistics industry and is well-positioned for future growth. Their extensive network, variety of services, and commitment to sustainability make them an attractive option for both businesses and consumers alike. While there may be fluctuations in stock price in the short term, I believe that UPS’ long-term prospects remain positive.

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